Thursday, March 25, 2010

how grey is grey

It has been a busy week. I have spent most of it in Melbourne as my father is in hospital, very unwell. I came home last night and had to get stuck into my Ann Daggs today. I had the intention of being up to date at the end of next week but I have only stitched about four pieces this month. Maybe I might get a bit done over Easter.
Before last Thursday I was quietly enjoying a sew on the sewing machine. I was piecing stars in a quilt swap with my friend Rohan. He is traveling at the moment and said he would handpiece some stars but wanted to give away a quilt in may but wasnt going to get enough done in the time frame. We decided to do a swap, I would sew his quilt and he would sew a quilt I wanted to give away later in the year.
So Rohan's quilt had to match a floor rug which is all in greys. I have the picture and it is nice but quite a challenge as it needs to be grey and white. I have suggested a few other shades to be added to the greys but received a definite answer NO!! But as you can see I have been allowed to include some greyish blues and as they have grown in numbers, I am happy with the way it is looking.
I am still sewing my Hope Valley but I was waiting on some more black and white shirtings to come into the shop. Without any exaggeration there has been about 300 bolts of fabric delivered to the shop this week. I am sure somewhere amidst the boxes and bolts there must be some black and white shirtings!
My Ann Daggs is growing and although I havent made much time to sew it, I really love it. I am heading back to Melbourne on Saturday after my class, hopefully to see my father looking a little better, to go to the ballet and to check on my mother. She will be 80 in May and thinks she is superwoman.
My sister and I spent Monday morning trying to convince her she does not need to learn how to use a lawn mower.


  1. Love the look of the 'grey' stars - what colour thread would you use for quilting - varigated grey/black would look good.

  2. I have to say I don't like variegated thread and I think my friend would pass out if I put a variegated thread on his quilt so when it's done I will decide but I am thinking a very pale grey probably. I use aurifil thread and it's fine so I hope it just disappears into the background.

  3. Dear Susan, Your Ann quilt is beautiful. The star quilt is very nice, but not as much to my taste as your work is. Did you receive my reply via your email? I had a bit of trouble sending it, and worry that it might not have reached you. To refresh your memory, it was about the Browne Sister blocks. Thank, Michele

  4. yes Michelle, I forwarded it to Christine, my business partner who does all our billing etc. She will contact you.
    The applique quilts are our specialty but its nice to find time to make a few "mindless" quilts as well. They are great for gift quilts.
    I have a lots of fabric to use up!