Monday, March 1, 2010

discovering treasures and Ann Daggs update

I am hoping for a quiet week this week. Christine has gone to New Zealand for ten days, Jan is running things at the shop and other than tonight I have no classes. Last week was more than  hectic, the next stage of Ann Daggs had to be glued, notes written and packed, fabric club had to be mailed out and there was teaching for a few days also. How lovely it was to see almost everyone back at class after the summer. Most of the girls had caught up with their sewing over summer ( not me!) , we had grandmas with new babies, a special birthday and just news in general. I told the girls I was retiring in three years.

Friday morning before class, we had one of our four favorite reps pay a visit. There was so much gorgeous fabric to order. Some of it will be delivered quite soon, so I cant wait.

My plan this year is to take a little time off from work, and do some things of my own. So as I teach on Monday evenings, I have had a bit of quiet time to myself today, done a little hand piecing and ventured into the room all my fabric used to be stored. I have to walk through this room to get to my new room, so many times a day I am confronted by the explosion of mess that is in there. I have been making an effort each day to put at least a few pieces of fabric into my new room and I found so many treasures over the summer. I have discovered wonderful fabrics for quilt backs, pieces of Yuwa large and small, many quilt tops to quilt and more than a little bit of rubbish. All my putting away has made no difference to the tidiness of the room. However, I did manage to vacuum a small area before. Although I would love a fairy godmother to tidy it up for me ( they have offered) I also want to go through all my fabrics myself. If I find a treasure, it makes me happy and I am hoping to come a cross a few missing things.
The photo is of today's discoveries- a piece of Anne of Green Gables ( I think I will make myself a new little sewing bag instead of washing my other one) about a metre of Sarah Johnston blue border fabric
(still with its $3 sticker on it from the USA). I remember my husband was disappointed he brought me home some fabric I already had. I just thought he had good taste! The last little crumbs of a favorite Yuwa were what really delighted me. I will use them for some applique so they stretch themselves a little further.
And here is Ann Daggs. I am hoping to be up to date by Easter, but if I'm not I dont mind, I am enjoying the journey.


  1. I love that Sarah Johnson fabric. I have a teeny square left and wish they would reproduce that one again!
    Your Anne Daggs is looking fabulous, great fabric choices.

    Sharon in Sydney, off to read through the fabric club mailout that arrived today, thanks SO much!

  2. I am in love, your Anne Daggs is truly lovely. Thanks for sharing with us.