Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a job half done

My husband Michael thinks I will never get my rooms of fabric sorted out. Maybe I wont, I don't really care. I have been collecting fabric for about 45 years, so there are lots of treasures to make acquaintance with, as I sort out the mess. I have been finding so many gorgeous fabrics I forgot I had ( blues and greens this week). And just to show those husbands who moan and groan ( we get them in the shop when they should be at Bunnings) this is what 50% of a serious fabric collection looks like.
Yes I like fabric! And yes this is not quite half of it.
Some of the fabric I had never unpacked since I moved from Melbourne to Hobart 21 years ago.
Christine is back from New Zealand, and had a gorgeous time catching up with family, seeing her grandsons ( they are just beautiful!!) and catching up with her sisters. Christine's sister is more than prolific with the amount of work she gets through and Christine has brought back some of her hard work. She has appliqued "Plain Jane" for Christine so I am hoping to see it the next few days. My Plain Jane still needs the border appliqued as the bias unravelled and I need to pull it all off and remake the bias stems. When I see her quilt I am hoping it motivates me to get mine out and fix and finish it.


  1. Hi Susan,

    Oh My God! I knew you had a lot of fabric but..... You must be having fun finding all the little lost treasures.

  2. OMG!!! - this is your personal stash and you have a shop as well......fancy not unpacking fabric from over 20 years ago - I would have had to have a peek at least in that time....

  3. Your stash is a quilter's heaven!

  4. I'm impressed by all of that fabric storage space. Have just shown DH the photo of half of your stash!!! I cant publish his response!!!!

  5. oh gosh I would love to come visit and just look thru those shelves!!!! what fun that would be!!!!
    I LOVE this quilt do you have a pattern for it?

  6. yes we do, or I should I say I need to get a few printed!
    S x

  7. I SO HAVE TO show this picture to my husband...I have a converted bedroom that is where I store most of my fabric. (I also have a hall closet and several totes in my basement.) I am glad to know there is someone else who can understand....sigh! I am so inspired by color and rich prints...sewing and piecing quilts relaxes me soooo...thank you

  8. Woooow... that's a real treasure!!!! My fabric fits on one shrank....

    At first I couldn't believe my eyes. Then I was looking of I didn't read well. Maybe you have had a quiltshop....

    But's really a fabric collection of your own.

    I think it's marvellous to have such an amount of fabric when you are planning a new quilt!!!

    I liked looking around on your blog and enjoy the pictures of all the great quilts you have showed...