Friday, March 5, 2010

the week that has been mine

I have had a lovely week. It has been the first week since about June last year, I have not had someone breathing down my neck to have something finished for them ( perhaps it was the silence that followed my announcement I was retiring). I had no classes this week other than my Monday night girls, no reps to see and no notes or newsletters etc. Pure bliss!
So with all the free time, I embarked upon a few new projects. There is nothing like starting something new. First up was to cut out a few blocks for the "Duck Hill " BOM quilt we are starting next month. It is a very cute whimsical quilt. The full picture is in the Roderick Kiracofe book, "An American Quilt". I am going to Sydney for the weekend (Christine described it as baggage), so I might get a bit of that appliqued. They are big easy pieces.

Next project was to start drawing and selecting fabrics for a new small quilt. I have been undecided as to whether I go with the original colours of cheddars, hot pinks and greens, or something that is kind to my current mood- restful and quiet!
My trip to the post office today was quite eventful. I was expecting my envelope from Karen Cunningham's correspondence school as knew it had arrived in Sydney, and I was hoping to read it while I was away. It wasnt there but a few other special surprises. First I had a gift of some little pieces of les Olivades fabrics, and then parcel no 2 was my catalogue of the forthcoming exhibition of quilts at the V&A, London. I have only skimmed through the book as I will read it on the plane tomorrow, but it looks wonderful.


  1. Love your new Quilts!Am continually amazed at how you can recover so quickly from SS and a month later =more fabulous ideas.
    When you read the book (on the plane) do email me if you want any more info on anything in it- I leave in less than 3 weeks and the `Whole Time ` is `MY Time`- I will do my best- I know photographs are not allowed which is fair enough!...
    Hope you are feeling better in yourself and we hope to see you here in the next few months
    Love C

  2. recovery was slow from summer school for both of us this year! I am hoping to go up to Canberra in the next two weeks, so I will catch up. S x