Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a productive Easter

With my father still in hospital, a few trips to Melbourne to visit, needless to say I was a bit behind with my work. I was determined to finish a few things over Easter, so I have been very busy.
First up was to finish the applique on block1 of "Duck Hill", our applique quilt of the month. I changed the fabric from my first cut out, and spent yesterday packing the kits. I have the first few blocks almost completed now but with the sudden enthusiasm I am hoping to get quite a bit done this month.

We have had so much gorgeous fabric delivered the past few weeks. It gets me thinking about quilts I have wanted to make, and some new ideas too.
Many years ago we had a wonderful book at the shop "Young at Heart" by Brannock and Patek. I love their books and quilts and over the years their quilts have stayed current. One of my favourites was on the back cover of this book and I have always wanted to make it.  When fabrics that appealed to me have come into the shop, I have popped bits and pieces away. The other night because I had to use some of the new fabrics, I pieced this little angel, block 1 of a "one day I will finish it" quilt. I plan on using the spotty fabric as my main fabric for the quilt.


  1. Susan please no more quilt starts and pulling out books from the past that I also have, I can't possibly keep up with all this lol.
    Ihave started my Browne sisters and before long there will be another block.
    I really do love your posts and don't think they come often enough.
    How about posting some pictures of the lush fabric you have received, we all might need to purchase some.

  2. Your quilts are so gorgeous. Its so difficult to capture that real antique look, but you always achieve it.
    I especially love your Queen daisy quilt, and cant wait to see more of the others.