Monday, February 22, 2010

a bit of whimsy

I have been aware I needed to update this blog, but I was trying to get some work finished to post here! Neither happened, but this week is the last week of the month so I have been busy writing fabric club, busy doing the next blocks for the Browne Sisters sampler ( a little delayed as I glued block one onto the back of the fabric). Meanwhile I have had another trip to Melbourne to the doctor for me and to check on my father.
He started his second round of chemotherapy last week and is going along reasonably well. just not coping with the amount of his time being taken up with doctors visits, and missing out on golf.
I had a long wait myself at the doctors last week and realised I needed another very simple project to take along with me, so I went back to that huge pile of quilts I want to make before I die ( I will have to live a very long time)  and found a piece of beautiful whimsy. I have drawn most of the quilt and we will pack it as a block of the month, until we run out of the same fabric, then it will be on the waiting list for a pattern sometime next year. Whimsical quilts are my favorite things as I collect American folk art. I made the Finches years ago and now this will be a very exciting project for me.
Now I had better get to Monday night quilt class. Douglas is coming with me tonight.

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