Monday, April 26, 2010

Lucy joins the ballet

I set myself a challenge a week ago to have an enormous amount of work finished by the end of the far so good!
Christine has been busy too over the past few weeks. So here is some of her finished and almost finished quilts.
The first quilt is the same as the Hope Valley quilt I am making, except Christine's blocks are a little smaller. We both felt we would have preferred the corner squares to be a little smaller, but then when the quilt is finished, we loved the result. I have not finished mine!
A quilt pattern we gave away at our summer school a few years ago proved to be an addiction with Christine. She has been stitching circles ever since. They are a lot of fun and very mindless at the end of a busy day. This is about quilt no 6 I think. One went to New York for their new grandson, and a few are at the shop. This one Christine's daughter, Louise, has coveted.

And some exciting news for those of you have attended summer school and met Joy's gorgeous girls. Lucy was invited to be a full time student at the Australian Ballet school next year. We are very proud and excited!


  1. Hello Susan

    Hope all is well. Say congratulations to Joy on Lucy's achievement for me.

    Loving your blog. Beautiful quilts as always

    Adele xx

  2. Lovely quilts but we really would love to see more.
    A trunk show for all of us girls that live far away from your shop.Please please.

  3. Lovely quilts of Christine's.

    Congratualtions to Lucy! She must be a very talented young lady!

  4. PLease give Joy and Lucy my Love and Congratulations-How exciting for you all-she will be a `Dancer to watch`!

  5. I love the first quilt. I buy those fabrics and never know what to do with them.
    And congratulations to Lucy. I hope she gets to live her dream.

  6. Love the quilts Christine,
    Have you got a email adresse for the shop? I would like to send you a pictures from a quilt I like to make and I am looking for a fabric I can use for the background and thought you could help me.

    Christine /Brisbane

  7. Thank you