Friday, April 16, 2010

The Girls

Two of my very favorite quilts are "Emma" and "Frances". Emma hasnt been home in a long time, she seems to have found refuge on a wall at the shop.
Emma is a adaptation of an antique quilt from the USA which appears in the book"Quilts in America" by Patsy and Myron Orlofsky. The original quilt had handkerchief in the centre. It is just a small quilt,perfect size for a cot.
Frances is an adaptation of an antique quilt from Florida. This quilt was a commission for the movie "Charlotte's Web". The quilt was not used in the end, but it was a fun experience making it. The attention to detail required by the art director back in the USA, was a lesson that I take with me to every movie now, about how moods, time atmosphere etc are created. The staff were all wonderful to work with. At the time of making this quilt, Florida was bearing down for cyclone Frances. My sewing room looked like Frances had hit.


  1. I Love your Emma quilt its beautiful
    I will have to look in the book and see the quilt that inspired you.
    I love pieced and appliqued quilt.
    Frances is wonderful as well. must have been fun to make.

  2. I can understand why they are your favourites. They truly are lovely. I like the story associated with Frances. Did you get to keep the quilt? I hope they didn't commission that quilt in Pulp Fiction that was used to wrap up the body covered in blood! That was sacrilege. I remember thinking "No, not the quilt!".

  3. yes I did get to keep the quilt, and other props that were used, that belonged to me, were returned also. The art director was surprised by the bright light that we have in Australia, so when he arrived from LA. he changed all the colours, so didnt use my quilt.

  4. What beautiful quilts!!
    And quite an adventure making a quilt for a movie!! Love the story.