Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sweet William

The year is skipping by very quickly. I hope somewhere I find an extra month or so.
I am playing catch up today, Mother's day. I spent Friday afternoon with my darling daughter, my mother is visiting next week, so today is a quiet day on our homefront.

First job to do today was to get my new quilt online. I have had the patterns here for months, so with that job done, here is the link  to Sweet William to purchase patterns

I loved making this quilt, and it is leaving my home tomorrow to go to Toowoomba, where I will be teaching it in August.

My other quilt I am very busy working on, is my quilt Stonefields, my Block of the Month quilt. Its growing and I hope to have the centre all cut out and the hand pieced blocks done, by the end of this month. Then just a bit of applique ( well actually a lot of applique) and the centre will be done

Two weekends ago we had a sewing weekend in Wodonga, and this is where I am up to with Stonefields. The battery was almost dead on my camera, so no flash was working, but for those of you busily making this quilt, its something! It is a lovely project for me to work on, so I am very happy everyone sewing it, is enjoying it too. I have about 40 of the 121 centre blocks to make.

our next quilting weekend in Wodonga, will be the first weekend in October, so by then I should be finished the centre and almost have the borders completed (I hope)

I have decided to have my summer school back in Wodonga next year. It will be early as we need to use the school when there are no trades people working, from Saturday January 4th to Wednesday January 8th, with gorgeous new quilts and sit and sew.  

last but not least, over past years many people who share my love for little dachshund dogs, have asked for the pattern of my sausage dog quilt. Finally I agreed to publish it and this month it is inside and on the front cover of Homespun magazine. It has been presented really nicely in the new revamped Homespun. So a special thankyou to Homespun.


  1. The Sweet William quilt is so much fun to make! The pattern is GREAT!
    Thank you Susan for making the pattern. I just finished my Sweet William this week.
    The flowerbaskets are sweet and lovely!
    Have a nice sunday from The Netherlands.

  2. Love the Sweet William quilt and I'm looking forward for the pattern.
    Greetings Martine

  3. Thanks for put the pattern in your shop. I just bought it !!
    Do we get an email when they are going in the post ?

    1. The pattern arrived already yesterday. Thanks again !!

  4. I have just bought the pattern for Sweet William - love it! It is going to be a lot of fun.
    Looking forward to seeing your Stonefields progress too.
    Thanks for posting

  5. I think Sweet William is one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen. That said, the pattern is really, REALLY hard to follow. I'm doing it as a BOM from Homestead Hearth and I can't even tell which pattern goes with which blocks.

    If I were a new quilter, I'd have given up in frustration by now.

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