Monday, September 28, 2009

and more Ann Daggs photos

more Ann Daggs photos from class

getting everything done

I have been more than a little busy the past week. I have had my friend, Joc, back to stay, tried to get the Ann Daggs for September done, mailed out our summer school mailout and answered so many emails, as well as getting some urgent quilting done. Summer school has almost booked out after 24 hours, which is great but kept us busy at the telephone and computer. I still have quite a bit of work to do before now and January!

Christine still has no baby news from New York but the baby is due today and Simon said Julie has had quite a few false starts, so I am assuming in the next few days. Christine and Bob leave for New York, with a stop off in San Francisco on the way, on the weekend. Getting everything done before she leaves, will no doubt work like drugs when she finally gets on the plane. She should sleep until San Francisco I think.

On Friday and Saturday we had the Ann Daggs class. Quite a few of the girls who are doing the quit by correspondence dropped in to see what the class girls are doing. I thought I had taken more photos than what I had in my camera, so I will have to add next month, but they are looking gorgeous.
My life was a bit chaotic on the weekend, Michael went down to Geelong to watch the football at the Cattery, met up with Paige and her friend, and then drove back here Saturday night ( in a much happier mood than last year). Paige has the week off this week so is coming home later in the week, so I am trying to get work done before they arrive.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alice and all things in Wonderland

I have been fabric buying today, and just when I thought all hope for something nice was lost, out came the most divine fabric. I looove Alice in Wonderland fabrics and this one was to die for. Due in the shop late November, December. The only baby clothes I have saved from now 28 year old daughter, Paige, is a baby suit made in Alice fabrics. Christine was gasping and the rep was amazed we liked it and said he wouldnt have thought he should even show it to us. I am not quite sure just what he thinks we buy.
There were other cute little prints too, I will get to those tomorrow!
S x

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have just been to Melbourne for the weekend, a doctors appointment on Friday and then to the ballet on Saturday night, and then back home on Sunday. I spent most of Saturday in search of things I couldnt find, shops closed or one shop after the other saying I can order it in for you, so I bought a few clothes and headed home.
Michael had been gardening, and we have a big garden, so nothing much ever seems to be achieved. I had asked him to set up a new vegetable bin for me and clear out the old vegie garden but those things didnt get done, so I will have to wait another two weeks. I like growing vegetables, something I have done all my married life and I need to get seeds planted. Last year's vegies were not so successful as it was far too hot and the week of the bushfires everything almost burnt and dried up from the hot winds. So this year I am hoping for a cooler summer and rain ( and no rabbits).
Last year we had fruit fly in our apricots. Hello revolting! Christine has had fruit fly at her house for the past few years and no one seems to take any control to get rid of it. I somehow think the department of primary industry and and the council should call in the army or something, but no authority seems to care. So this year we have done all we can and it is now watch and wait.
We have had a rush of sales reps the past week and another tomorrow. Fabrics are looking good for next year and I have some gorgeous quilts in mind. I am usually brain dead at this time of year but as I havent been sewing I have been reading quilt books and cooking books, and doing lots of thinking. Today I organised the last bit I had to do for summer school so I can prepare that tomorrow and send it out.
I am trying to catch up on some work this week also, so back to it I am heading.
S x

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am sure it wont take long to get the hang of blogging, but right at this moment I haven't got a clue what I am doing!
I should be cleaning up the house as it is a terrible mess and I have a dear friend Joc coming to stay today. We have been friends for about 25 years, so there is no need really to pretend I am a just a little tidy, she knows well, I am not. But if we want to have dinner at the table tonight I need to clear a space.
I have been away on holidays and came back home to get shingles, and I am so far behind with my work, I would like to just close the door on it all, but that wont get it done, so I need to make a start on that also.
Christine is waiting on baby news from New York. Simon and Julie are waiting on the birth of the baby, due in two weeks and Christine and Bob are off to New York about two weeks later. Christine is supposed to be saving money but yesterday we bought ourselves gorgeous new Amy Butler bags, well I hope they will be gorgeous when they arrive. It was a bit like one for the customer one for me when we had Alan from XLN here yesterday. I bought gorgeous furnishing fabrics from Amy ( I dont have anywhere to put them) but maybe I will find and old chair or something to have reupholstered.
I would like to design some fabrics so I spoke to Alan about that also yesterday, now I just need to get back into some drawing. It is about 20 years since I have done any of that, designing fabric that is, not drawing.
well I will try posting this for starters and get back to the cleaning.