Wednesday, September 26, 2012

catching up after a break

I promised myself at some stage I would take six months off from sewing, blogging etc  and I have done that. In that time I have travelled to England and France, lots of trips to Sydney and Melbourne and done lots of knitting and cooking. I have loved the break and come back to sewing recently with an  a new enthusiasm. And now I have lots to catch up on!
Summer school in January in the Blue Mountains is looming and Karen Cunningham sent out the emails over the weekend. If you havent received one and wanted it, let me know and I will forward it on to you.
I am doing two new quilts for summer school. One is entirely in a bag at the moment but the basket quilt is well underway and I love it. I enjoy hand piecing and the appliques will be fun little things too. I can sit down of an evening and cut out and piece a basket block and then cut out the appliques, very relaxing and achievable and from a basket of scraps. Has this made any difference to my stash? Unfortunately no.

This has been very soothing while I worked out the maths for the other quilt and paper pieces made. With the hard part done, I should have something up to show you soon.