Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sydney quilt show and lots of catching up

I am a bit behind in getting to this blog! thanks for all the concerned emails!

My father is getting better by the day and has a little quality of life back. He is up and about, going outside and even doing a few things around the garden this week. We went down to see him last week and he was looking the best we have seen him since Christmas.
After a weekend in Melbourne I flew the next day to Sydney to the quilt show and stayed a few more days and had some time to myself to wander around, see whats happening in the world of interior decorating and caught up with some friends and lots of fabric club members.
there werent as many quilts as I expected at the quilt show, but all the same some beautiful work.
Karen Cunningham gave me permission to put a photo of her quilt on our blog. This was probably my favorite quilt for many reasons- I have started this quilt and now have its beginnings shoved in a box. The quilt was hand quilted beautifully ( I felt some of the quilts at the show were so over quilted) and it hung straight. And most of all I love the quilt!
So here is Karen in front of her quilt doing white glove duty and looking like Miss Darling Harbour.

Here is the next little piece of the Ann Daggs quilt. Each month I cant believe how quickly it comes around and I dont think I have achieved anything between classes this time! I have a really busy July ahead of me so I will have to give up sleeping I think. I do enjoy watching the Tour de France, so I might see quite a bit of it this year.

We have had some great fabric delivered this week so I will go to work tomorrow with my camera and do some more posting in the next few days!
Happy sewing, Susan


  1. Those are great photos, many of the quilts at our quilt shows are over quilted. I call it quilted to death. The V&A quilt is so very pretty. Would love to see yours. Glad to hear you dad is getting better.

  2. I must say I've never seen an overquilted hand quilted project, but I've sure seen a lot of longarm machine pieces that were "quilted to death". I, too, adore the quilt that Karen Cunningham made.........just gorgeous. Michele

  3. I love Karen Cunningham's quilt too and I also agree with you about over quilting. I hope this trend does not mean that all quilts have to be quilted within an inch of their life for exhibitions.

  4. I'm also in agreeance with everyone - too much overquilting - takes away from the quilt itselt. If time permits I prefer hand quilting, but sometimes have to machine.

  5. I love Karen's quilt. Please could you tell me where I could get the pattern

  6. Wow, I love this quilt. Do you have a class for it?

  7. Karens quilt is gorgeous! Would love to know the name of the pattern :-) you can email me at

  8. I was reading through your blog and saw that wonderful quilt of Karen. Could you please let me know what the name of that quilt is please.
    cazwa1962 @ (without the spaces)