Monday, May 24, 2010

catching up

I think I should have had this block posted up here several weeks ago!

and now for Ann Daggs

and finally the next piece of The Browne Sister's sampler
I goy myself into such a muddle when I did this block. I cut the pieces out in Melbourne, when I was at my parent's home when my father had a stroke a few weeks ago. Thinking I would be organised, I cut the pieces out for blocks, this one and the one in reverse. I tried to put them away carefully so they would not get mixed up and somehow they did. When I came to sew, it was like a jigsaw and and I have bits that should be on the other block on this one. I have tossed the rest and will do the second one a bit differently!


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog and your quilts are all just stunning. Could you tell me how to contact you to purchase the Browne Sisters Sampler and perhaps Duck Hill - I have tried to find something in An American Quilt - Kirakofe - what page? I hope I haven't asked too much - I can see from your posts that you are extremely busy! I hope your father is well.

  2. They are so lovely. You are doing ag reat job. Sorry about the mix up you will be able to work it out.

  3. Kathryn- the Browne Sisters sampler is part of our fabric club. back copies are available of the past patterns. Next year when the entire pattern is complete I will make it available as one pattern
    Duck Hill is a block of the month we are currently doing. When it is complete we will also publish that as a pattern.
    Meanwhile the picture is on page 198.
    Susan x

  4. Your work is most beautiful, my dear friend. Thank you for sharing. Hi from U.S.A
    Happy Quilting!

  5. Hi - I love your blog - such beautiful work. I suppose a visit to the shop would be the only way to get any of the patterns?? but I live in NSW :(
    How does the fabric club (with the Browne Sisters sampler) work? Any chance of a place on the list?
    Thanks for all the wonderful posts!

  6. Hi Susan - greetings from Le Mans. Love the new block for Browne Sisters and the addition to Ann Daggs. Sorry to hear about your father - hope things are going well now. Can't wait to get back and pick up with my applique to catch up. The south of France was absolutely magnificent and I have seen many places where a retreat would be just heaven. Looking forward to catching up when I get back. Cheers