Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday stitching

It is a cold cold day here today. After dropping to -5 overnight at 11am this morning it has only reached 2. I have stayed indoors by the fire and been stitching a few clamshells. I now have enough made to make something of a decent size, and the tin is overflowing, so its about time I joined a few.
I bought a few fat 1/4's from the V&A museum and I was a little disappointed with them, but thought they would look good in a scrappy English quilt. I have made clamshells with them and love them now!

On Saturday we had our Ann Daggs class. The girls on a Saturday, plus and minus a few over the years, have been meeting for about seven years and making special quilts. We have shared births, deaths and marriages, divorces, lost a few favorites due to interstate moves and found a few new special members to take their places. We have almost got lunch right, so on Saturday we confirmed what quilt we will start next year.
meanwhile here are their Ann Daggs quilts.
This quilt belongs to Juliann

And this quilt belongs to Susan

Jeni's quilt is rich and vibrant but still has an old feel to it

Teresa's quilt is quite a lot like the original

Chris has stayed more or less up to date despite having two lots of surgery on her arm!
and last but not least here is Beth's quilt. we decided this quilt has the most "antique" feel to it.
As you can see they do their teacher proud!


  1. Wow, fabulous quilts, You are very talented ladies. Shall look forward to seeing what you are all doing next time.

  2. Love your clamshells.
    And what a beuatiful quilts from the ladies.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the Ann Daggs quilt photos. They are all lovely.

  4. Beautiful quilts. Also love your clamshell.

  5. They are so very pretty. I like them all. Thanks for sharing them with us. That is a really neat quilting club. I wish I had one like that.

  6. Your clamshells look great Susan! Congratulations to all you Saturday girls, your quilts look amazing!!!

  7. Lovely quilts - I love seeing different interpretations of the same design. Fabric is a wondrous thing!

  8. The quilts are GORGEOUS!!!!!
    I love your clamshells too. I drafted the clamshell the way you explained and I have cut out a few, now after seeing yours I am ready to stitch.

  9. Can you tell me what you have all used as your background fabric in these quilts?


  10. The clamshell bug has hit Sydney so it's lovely to see what you are working on. Those Ann Daggs quilts are just gorgeous! Thanks so much for the piccies:))