Sunday, July 18, 2010

a weekend at home

I have had a few lovely weekends away the past few weeks, but totally enjoying my first weekend at home in ages this weekend, not that I have achieved much sewing wise!
I was behind with my Swan Lake quilt and as I have a deadline to have it completed, this was bothering me, so I spent the past week with needle in hand. I am down to about 100 pieces to go now so 5 days work, so no more need to panic.

I was in Queensland last weekend. My husband was attending a conference so I decided to go as excess baggage. Usually he is the one doing the lecturing, but this time he was an attendee, and the conference was at such a nice location (the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast) I thought I would escape the freeze of Wodonga for a few days. I took my clamshell quilt to sew but the nearest I got to clamshells were the tiles on the wall.

I take so much sewing and knitting with me when I travel, that if I was stuck for a month with a volcano it wouldnt be a problem!
Back to class on Friday, we had our last day of Swan Lake, though it is such a huge project, I think the girls will be working on it for quite some time. They were swapping hexagons  but planning ahead for the next quilt.

And what is their next quilt to be? I have been working on Karen Cunningham's Irish Circle quilt, showing the girls what I have done each month ( nothing to show this month!) and they fell in love with it. Karen offers this quilt by correspondence and each month a little packet of patterns arrives in the mail. I eagerly await it, stare at them for a night or so then jump in and have a wonderful time making the circles. So probably just starting with a little bit this year, I will have a few girls joining me with this quilt next year  . 
Karen's quilt is based on the Jane Pizar quilt from Ireland.

Happy sewing, Susan x


  1. The Irish Circle quilt is lovely and I will be looking forward to seeing the results from you and your students. It is always interesting seeing the different interpretations and fabrics.

  2. I am worried that this wonderful circle quilt has been wrongly attributed to Jane Pizar. There are two quilts listed as having been made by her on the net both in Cheltenham Museum. The medallion is dated 1860 but the Circle quilt, looking at close up pictures of the quilt is made of fabrics of a much earlier date. Has anyone done research on this or could labels have been mixed up and the facts muddled?

  3. I looked on her web site and it said dates to be announced. Do you have the pattern? She has it set up as a block of the month. I usually do not do them because I like to choose my own fabrics. I think I might send her an email. Your work is lovely. Enlarging that last photo made my day.

  4. No we don't have the pattern. We will have the patterns mailed to us each month from Karen and I will help the girls with their blocks and hopefully keep them motivated!

  5. Please could you let me know how to go about getting this block of the month pattern?

  6. Regarding Mary Jenkins comment, The Cheltenham Museum has two Jane Pizar quilts I have been lucky enough to see this one and have some photos on my blog. I agree the fabrics do look earlier than 1860 and that could well be the case- They could have been in the family and passed onto her to make the quilt who knows. The curator at the Cheltenham museum dosen't have much info on it except it was given to them in 1940 by Agnes Jones along with the other quilt and other unrelated items.
    The quilt is now in storage as the Museum is undergoing building work and the quilt won't be available to view again until 2012. I hope then to be able to examine the quilt and take more photos- Karen's quilt is her interpretation of the Jane Pizar quilt and is lovely I have also seen another version on Dragonfly gypsy's blog and Sharron tells me she made with Margaret George(Sampson) in 1996.The centre of her quilt is very detailed and more like the Jane Pizar quilt. It's nice to see this quilt being made in different version's- I hope to produce my own some time in the future.Meanwhile Happy Stitching to all.

  7. if you wish to know how to contact Karen re this quilt please email us at

    .... and thanks Sue for your info re the quilt.