Thursday, January 31, 2013

wrapping up last year

December came about very quickly. During the year we had a challenge with our sewing group. We had brought in fabric from our stash, anything, any size. Christine and I sorted it out and put it into unmarked paper bags. We were allowed to use 2m of one fabric to complete a quilt.
The results were pretty fantastic.
Lucy made this quilt with a jelly roll she had bought ages ago

Julieann's "pies and tarts" was gorgeous
Beth made this from her bag of stash fabric. This is the quilt that impressed me the most!So much work!
and I hope it is correct in saying this was Bridgette's quilt- not quite certain how Bridgette found a minute or two to sew this. The back looked just as nice as the front.

this is just the beginning of our December show and tell. It went on all day! More to come


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