Saturday, January 26, 2013

going back to April

It has been so long since I wrote on the blog, I had to search where to write, it has all changed.
I sort of had a bit of a year off from quilting last year.
I did no sewing until August when I had to force myself out of rest and recreation, away from the knitting needles, and sew a quilt for summer school in the Blue Mountains.
I fell in love with sewing again, so this year will be the year of the quilt and as I have lots of projects in mind, I promise myself to keep the blog up to date.

I thought I would head back to April and play catch up.
April we went to London and then to France, and visited our former housemate Jean-Baptiste.
My favourite place to shop in Paris, right across the road from the apartment where we stayed

a rare moment of sunshine in paris

The quilt show at Nante, such a gorgeous city

and beautiful Toulouse
The trip was wonderful, the weather dreadful but I managed to fit in lots of shopping, and fill my head with things I would like to see again, to make and explore a little further.

What I did do for winter was knit! Lots of knitting for new beautiful baby Mabel, a friend's grand daughter born on Bastille day, and a few things for myself
 I was lucky enough to know this special baby was a little girl and had a lovely time shopping for her in France.

I am going to play catch up all week!