Friday, March 2, 2012

trip to Melbourne

I have just been to Melbourne for a week, went in the heat and came home to flooding rain. The weather has been more than unusual this summer.
First stop was to order some more templates to be cut, more on that later. Next stop out to dinner with Lucy and then to the ballet on Saturday evening. It was the first performance for the year of the Australian ballet, a triple bill.
I came away with mixed feelings about this bill, as it seemed most of the audience did also. Two out of the three were not really ballet, but dance so I was a little disappointed, but the music and the last bill were gorgeous.
Next day, I taught a class of the clamshell quilt. Lovely girls and a nice escape from the heat. And of course a bit of fabric shopping as always.

The next two days I went to patisserie school. My husband gave me this a gift for Christmas. Loved it!!!!
It was so full on I was brain dead by lunch time, but hopefully when I go to cook it will all come back to me.

There was such a wonderful mix of students, from pastry chefs from all over the world to a couple of people like me, where cooking is just a hobby.

And lots of very sweet petit gateaux to take home. My daughter took a fancy morning tea to the hospital for two days in a row, she was the favourite medical student of the day.

So when Christine and I are asked are we enjoying retirement from the shop, the answer is a simple yes.


  1. Hi Susan,
    before the shop closed you had created very cute little templates for one blocks quilts. They have a tiny hexagon, small tumbler, clam shell, diamond and a larger diamond. Do you still have these available for sale and how much would they be?

  2. before the shop closed you had created very cute little templates for one blocks patchwork quilt .