Thursday, January 27, 2011

a bit of show and tell

Summer school is over forever and I think we have all almost recovered. It seems as if it were ages ago but I had to remind myself it was just last week.
The show and tell on the Wednesday night is a lovely opportunity for Karen Cunningham and I to see what the students have made with our patterns. Its also very inspiring for all there.

Because it was our last summer school, we brought out some of our old quilts that had been requested.
I will post a few here and update over the next few days

The first quilt is "The Mississippi Marriage Quilt", brought along by one of the girls. The middle quilt is my quilt, made about 10 years ago, and featured on the front of the pattern
and the third one, a summery version of this lovely quilt, again made by one of the attendees.


  1. Such GORGEOUS quilts and patterns !
    I'm so sorry that your ceasing your activities, but as we say here : as a door closes, it means that another one is opening, and I wish you the very best ;>)

    Also, I've always regretted that I couldn't buy your patterns from my little corner of the world (Belgium). Would there be any chance, please ? I'd be sooo grateful !

    In friendship,

  2. Funny, I too would love to buy these patterns and was writing to find out how, where and pretty please. I have spent some time hunting on the internet to get in the door at Patchwork On Stonleigh to no satisfaction. Read the first comment and now know part of the why.... on to other things you have gone.... still... where might we look to find some patterns that are just waiting to be found? Beautiful patterns that make quilts a cut above the usual....

  3. I have those patterns - I found your shop whilst travelling Syd-Melb many many years ago and joined your Fabric Club. I never even threw away the colour photocopies of the fabric samples. Now my retirement looms too I can at last make some of those patterns I have saved. I love your blog - and love your patterns. Best wishes for your future.

  4. Our patterns are all still available. Please email us

  5. I am with Nadine all the way!! "Old quilt" hihi, a quilt is never old, just more beautiful or even antique! Enjoy the stitches you make! Have a great weekend, hugs, Daniëlle