Saturday, January 29, 2011

and some more show and tell

I dont think anyone remembered these old quilts "The Westtown Quaker Schoolgirl" quilts. This was based on antique family quilt and I love it. Christine loves her blue one. I wouldnt mind making this quilt again in something modern.
My "Sausage dog" quilt was made years ago for a bit of fun for an exhibition. I did not make a pattern and I have been astounded how many quilters own dachshunds and have asked for a pattern.
"Sweet Pea" was a popular quilt we had classes with a few years ago, but lately we have had quite a few  being finished. One person's finished quilt inspires another.

to be continued....


  1. The dog quilt is divine! Will that be in your book?

    H ;)

  2. You mentioned in your last post that your patterns are available to purchase, but there is no email and no website to reference.....Thanks so much for the info---


  3. I think the email is now available, Susan

  4. I remember that Quaker Schoolgirl quilt! I got that pattern years ago from a friend and I've been collecting fabrics for it! I think by now I have enough fabrics for 3 quilts!

  5. Hi!
    I would like to come in contact with you but can't seem to find a email adress anywhere on the website. Could you please contact me?