Thursday, November 11, 2010

clamshells and slugs

How am I going with all the quilts I have to get done? So far so good, I am calm at this stage.
 Christine's sister in New Zealand is helping me out with Duck Hill Farm and the Browne Sister's ( they are the two I am panicking about!) and the summer school quilts bar 1 are almost done.
Last night I finished quilting the clamshell quilt. I wasnt going to quilt it, but rather leave it as a coverlet but then in the end decided to put some quilting on it. I am pleased with the result, so tonight I will bind it.
I also have only about three evenings of applique left to do on the "Bird on a Wire" and that is done, and on the weekend I will back my "Swan Lake"  quilt and bind it. It has to go to Melbourne by the end of next week to travel across to San Francisco for an exhibition. Deadlines make you do things. Then its onto the "Little Sparrow" as I have sooo much work left on that one, but I am looking forward it.

Yesterday Christine and I had a gorgeous and inspirational outing to one of our local primary schools, Wodonga West primary school, to see a quilt display in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden. The garden was the real star of the show. It was absolutely fantastic. We grow all our own vegetables at home but this was the garden I would love, so it had me thinking all the way around the garden. The children were so happy working away, learning life skills, running slugs down to the chook yard for a happy hen's lunch, digging away in the compost. What very lucky children to have such a wonderful thing at their school, and then there was the kitchen!

My favorite quilt was made by Jan from our shop( Jan's grandsons attend the school).It captured the happy feeling in the garden.

Happy stitching, Susan 


  1. Absolutely WONDERFUL Clamshell quilt!!! Gorgeous! And Jan's quilt is great as well!! Thanks for the sharing these!

  2. Well done on finishing the quilting. I like the quilting pattern you used. It makes the quilt.

  3. I really love your clamshell quilt
    the size is great as you can really appreciate the fabrics this way.
    glad you finished the quilt and your not stressed about all this work in front of you!
    thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Susan

    I have a question please, I did Salina Browne back at Summer School and just showed a picture on my blog and had a request for the pattern, please let me know if there is a pattern to purchase and how can the person get in touch.

    ps. love reading your blog take care, I am oart of Saturday's group in Brisbane