Friday, November 27, 2009

small pleasures

Today we have had our last Friday Ann Daggs class for the year. Glue is a wonderful thing and the last three months , I have not sewn a stitch on my quilt and everything is glued on. I have been very impressed with the "Best Press" as my bias has not unravelled one little bit in the humid weather, so hopefully it will hold down until after summer school. I am quite amazed as to how much of this quilt I have achieved over the first twelve months.
Next year we fill in with all the sprays of flowers and birds.
I am very excited today as a range of fabrics I just love has come in to the shop, "Hope Valley". It takes a lot to get me excited over fabric, one of the problems with having a shop and having a huge fabric collection. But I could not wait for this to arrive, it is sort of funky vintage. They are modern and fun but quite subtle in colour. I would love to start a quilt tonight, but I havent got time , so they will just have to keep me company until after summer school. But I will go and read my favorite cooking magazine "Dish" which arrived in the mail.
Michael will be happy as a pile of Geelong Football club mail has arrived for him. All in all a great day at the mailbox, no bills and Christmas catalogues.


  1. Christine & Susan,
    How would I sign up for your quarterly newsletter and what would the cost be since I am in the U.S.?

  2. Nyla: please can you email me

  3. I love the Ann Daggs quilt you are making. Is there a pattern available?

  4. Vangie: it is not a pattern as such. We have just finished the first half as a quilt by correspondence. It will be another year before we finish

  5. Susan, I have just seen the pattern for this quilt released by Di Ford for Threadbear, is this the same quilt?