Thursday, November 26, 2009

Anna's Sampler

I am running behind with my work this week. I have the Ann Dagg's class tomorrow and I have not cut out a piece or done the notes. Actually not quite true, I cut out half the pieces and they are too large for the quilt, so I have to start again. And it is our last class for the year, so I need to cook lunch for tomorrow and Saturday's class. At least the sewing, notes and lunch will be fresh!
The picture is of the original embroidered sampler of Anna Browne. This embroidery is what I am basing our new quilt upon. I hope you enjoy making it.


  1. Love the sampler - can't wait to see the pattern you are working on.

  2. Very happy about this idea for the fabric club, thanks girls! Look forward to seeing more of the blocks.

  3. I received the first block in the mail today with the newsletter and I am looking forward to doing the Sampler. Wonderful idea. You said you thought a change was welcome after 10 years - and I realized I have been in the club that long! At least that long! I have a box just for my fat 16ths, which I raid for special bits.