Monday, September 21, 2009


I have just been to Melbourne for the weekend, a doctors appointment on Friday and then to the ballet on Saturday night, and then back home on Sunday. I spent most of Saturday in search of things I couldnt find, shops closed or one shop after the other saying I can order it in for you, so I bought a few clothes and headed home.
Michael had been gardening, and we have a big garden, so nothing much ever seems to be achieved. I had asked him to set up a new vegetable bin for me and clear out the old vegie garden but those things didnt get done, so I will have to wait another two weeks. I like growing vegetables, something I have done all my married life and I need to get seeds planted. Last year's vegies were not so successful as it was far too hot and the week of the bushfires everything almost burnt and dried up from the hot winds. So this year I am hoping for a cooler summer and rain ( and no rabbits).
Last year we had fruit fly in our apricots. Hello revolting! Christine has had fruit fly at her house for the past few years and no one seems to take any control to get rid of it. I somehow think the department of primary industry and and the council should call in the army or something, but no authority seems to care. So this year we have done all we can and it is now watch and wait.
We have had a rush of sales reps the past week and another tomorrow. Fabrics are looking good for next year and I have some gorgeous quilts in mind. I am usually brain dead at this time of year but as I havent been sewing I have been reading quilt books and cooking books, and doing lots of thinking. Today I organised the last bit I had to do for summer school so I can prepare that tomorrow and send it out.
I am trying to catch up on some work this week also, so back to it I am heading.
S x

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