Thursday, April 21, 2011

life after the shop

It has almost been a month now since we closed the doors of the shop. After a few days of cleaning out the old building and filling up our houses with everything, a new life has started. It feels quite strange for me. I had the first two weekends heading to Melbourne but this week I have got stuck into the cleaning up. The living room is so full of "stuff" even Douglas, one of our dogs couldnt find me in there a week or so ago. My deadline for cleaning up this room has been Easter, but somehow it might not get finished today.
meanwhile I have been doing quite a lot of knitting, but not a stitch of sewing. I have been thinking though of what I might do for summer school.
Karen Cunningham is taking summer school to the Blue Mountains. How exciting! Christine said to me the other day, she thinks she will go up and her sister said she thought she might fly out again. It will be like old times, without all the work, so we are very excited!
I have enjoyed my quilt thinking time and at this stage have several ideas, so as soon as Easter is over and the house empty of visitors, I need to start.
Christine's little granddaughter, Lucy broke her arm again a few days after we closed the shop, so she has taken up a bit of Christine's time as she missed the last bit of school, but when I went over to Christine's a few days ago, she also had some time off from sewing, but was about to start making some stars.

This month in Quilter's Companion magazine, is the special Civil war edition with the pattern of my little Civil war baby quilt. It is a great edition of the magazine with some really lovely quilts included.
Today I am going to try to sort out the problem of all the quilts I have at home. I need to have something built to house them!
happy easter and happy sewing, Susan 


  1. Please don't give up your blog too. The Quilter's Companion is wonderful this month, I love all the quilts in this issue. I can't get to your Summer School so please keep us up to date with what is going on.

  2. love that quilt of yours, the civil war baby quilt, I will have to see if I can find the magazine here in the USA.
    I hope you keep up the blog too, always enjoyed reading what your all up to.

  3. Let me know if you come up with a good storage solution.
    I'll have to look for Quilters Companion- it looks like a good magazine.

  4. The civil war baby quilt is sure cute. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the storage area.

  5. I was so lucky I had an Australian friend mail me the Quilter's companion issue with the Civil war baby quilt. I love it ... and am thinking of using this clever sashing for a stack of 9-patch blocks I have from a swap. Do you still sell patterns even if the shop is closed? I have a quilt shop in Denmark and I'm very intersted. You can contact me on this email:

  6. Can you help? I love Karen Cunninghams Irish Quilts pattern and was wondering if it is available for purchase for those of us who missed the BOM opportunity last year.
    Hope you can help or that some one can pint me in the right direction. I can be contacted on
    Thanks Keryl

  7. I was given a copy of the issue of Quilters Companion with the beautiful Civil War quilts. Susan, I really love your Civil War baby quilt and plan to make it soon - it is really beautiful. I also really love your Civil War 1 quilt and wonder if I can still buy a pattern for that? I look forward to keeping up with your news. Best regards Tania

  8. Agreed. The Civil War Quilters Companion was an absolute beauty. I couldn't stop looking at most of the projects and just love looking at it from cover to cover.