Tuesday, February 1, 2011

....and some really gorgeous quilts

I am still going through the cd of the show and tell of our summer school. These are a few more of the gorgeous quilts we viewed
It is very nice as a teacher to see one of my students have this quilt all completed. "Stevie's Garden" is a huge task! But then again, I know of a few girls who have made two.

"The Wickersham Quilt" was such a wonderful quilt to make. We made our Wickersham quilts in a class over two years.  I still have to put my quilt together and applique a few of the side blocks. Its one of my quilts at the top of my list to finish this year.

Karen Cunningham brought out some of her quilts from past summer schools. "Bluebell" is one of the loveliest quilts we had at out summer schools

And this one "Yorkshire Dales" made from one of Karen's classes two years ago was a real stunner!

Happy quilting, Susan 


  1. Stunning, I am drooling! Thanks for posting pictures.

  2. Hi Susan

    Did Christine tell you i finished my Wickersham i got it basted ready to be handquilted....I said to you that i was going to finish it by my 40th Birthday but at least the top is finished but it really to hot and sticky to handquilt it yet.

    I bet that was Beth's Wickersham.

    Bye Susan xx

  3. As a Sydney person who hasn't been able to get to any show and tell's at your shop, I am absolutely loving the photos!! Thanks so much Susan :))

  4. Love the Show and Tell. Especially the beautiful Wickersham quilt - is there a pattern for this quilt?

  5. Amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing!