Wednesday, January 6, 2010

calm before the storm

I think and hope everything is almost done for summer school, somehow it seems to get done. Quite unexpectedly I am ready a few days early with my sewing, thanks to the wonders of glue. The Dancing Dollies quilt has been a huge undertaking! It is probably the most beautiful thing I am ever to make I think, and I cant wait to get stuck into the applique. I worked it out I should have it finished by about August, so I will keep you updated with my progress. Meanwhile, it is all glued ( although I discovered when I went to photograph it, it is missing a few pieces here and there, so some more gluing tomorrow).
The other quilts are appliqued quilted and bound, just in need of photos, and patterns to be packed.
Tomorrow while I pack patterns I thought I might put on the dvd that came with my new sewing machine I bought in April. I have barely sewn one bobbin's worth on it! A whole new world is awaiting!
I cant wait to sew some quilts on a machine, though I seem to have more time for applique these days.
Christine and are not quite sure if we ever recovered from last year's summer school!
The heat is arriving just in time for summer school, and we have already have fires nearby. Our friend's farm was burnt, leaving them with no pasture for their cattle, but they saved their house. We went over to the farm on saturday night for dinner and it was quite devastating to see, everything still covered in a layer of ash.
I am sure we wont get time to post during summer school but we will take lots of photos.
S x


  1. Susan it looks fatastic, shame i can't make it to sumer school this year.
    Hope all goes well and will this quilt be a pattern?


  2. it will be. It was an awful quilt to write into a pattern... so much detail!

  3. So glad to hear it will be a pattern. I absolutly want one.

  4. The quilt looks lovely. A lot of work but worth it. Have fun at summer school and please please put up photos is you have the time.

  5. How wonderful to stumble across your blog, Sue - nobody told me! - anyhow it is just lovely and as usual very exciting! Best wishes to Christine!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Dear Susan. This is a breath-taking quilt. Could you let me know when and how we can get the pattern?
    (still trying to catch my breath...)
    Valentina from Cyprus

  7. What a beautiful quilt. I would very much like to purchase a pattern when it is available.